Case notes, Records, Separation - Live Workshop (Newcastle)

Dr Phil Watts
Case notes, Records, Separation - Live Workshop (Newcastle)
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Date and time
Friday, September 13, 2024
9:00 am
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Apollo International Hotel (Best Western), 290 Pacific Hwy, Charlestown NSW

About this workshop

Psychologists function in a world of increasing professional accountability and potential litigation. A core competency required of all psychologists is an understanding of ethical, legal and professional matters. This 2-day workshop presented by Dr Phil Watts focusses on ethical and legal issues that clinicians face. This is a practical and "hands on" workshop to equip you with knowledge and skills related to different aspects of professional practice for both those in the public sector and private practice. Our training helps us understand theoretical ethical behaviour but as soon as we start practicing in the real world things are lot more complicated and confusing. You may get a complaint just because someone dislikes your work and you have to defend yourself. Perhaps in the busy world of your practice you cut corners only to find yourself in a ethical dilemma. Good systems and early recognition may help a boundary slippage from becoming an ethical breach. This workshop helps you recognise and develop those necessary systems and understandings. This is a practical and “hands-on” workshop to equip you with knowledge and skills related to different aspects of professional practice for both those in the public sector and private practice. This course is very helpful to early career clinicians but is relevant to all clinicians interested in maintaining high standards of professional practice whether in private practice or employee roles.

Day Two - Case notes, Records, Separation

The APS Code of Ethics requires psychologists to make and keep adequate records. Have you ever wondered what is an adequate record? The Code also requires clinicians to maintain the privacy and security of records. The morning focuses on the requirements of record keeping.

Some of the questions you will be able to answer are things like:

  • Who owns the notes?
  • How do you deal with a subpoena?
  • When can you release the notes?
  • How long do you need to keep your records?
  • Can I make the records electronic?
  • How much should I put in my notes?

Day 2 will also encompass separation and divorce in the afternoon session:

A common reason for referral to a clinician is relationship breakdown, whether that is for the parents or the children.  It is a complex area to work with both Family Court and AHPRA complaints lurking in the background.  Dr Phil will help you understand the dynamics of relationship breakdowns, how this relates to the best interests of the children and touches on the new family law rules (coming in April 2024). Learn how to put the children at the centre of the process.

  • Learn about the emotional processes of initiators and non-initiators of the separation
  • Understand how children react to separation
  • The impact of various factors on children
  • Understand parenting plans for different ages
  • When does shared care work effectively
  • Avoid common traps

Meet the presenters

Dr Phil Watts

Dr Phil Watts

Dr Phil Watts has been a clinical and forensic psychologist for over 30 years. He has published 6 books including Surviving the Witness Box, How to Find Love and Not a Psycho, and Shared Care or Divided Lives. He is a dynamic presenter with a focus on practical experience. He his engaging content and insightful practical experience he can keep a whole day workshop refreshing and interesting!

Dr Phil Watts

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