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Going Green.

Mindstate Psychology is Going Green

A healthy planet is an essential component for healthy people. Clean environments are necessary for good social, physical, and psychological health. As a health practice dedicated to the betterment of people and society, we recognise the importance of caring for – and protecting – the environment. We also recognise that our actions can have a powerful effect on the environment around us.​

Mindstate Psychology continually strives to create a cleaner world, to help protect and invigorate the people and communities with whom we live and work. To meet this goal, Mindstate embraces the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, with some key areas listed below.

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Becoming Paperless
Mindstate Psychology strives to become a paperless practice – from digital practice management systems to technology like iPads.  We are constantly working to reduce, replace and eliminate paper use.
As part of this process, Mindstate Psychology no longer accepts faxes. We encourage clients and health professionals to email referrals. Mindstate Psychology requires legal documents to be submitted on a USB. This both streamlines our practice and eliminates the need for paper copies reducing the carbon footprint of our practice. ​

Reducing Plastic & Promoting Reusability
Mindstate Psychology has switched from plastic to recycled cardboard cups in our water coolers. While we would encourage all clients to bring their own reusable bottles, we recognise that sustainably sourced cardboard represents a significant improvement over plastic and we are proud to offer this option to our clients.

We have also installed a filtered water tap which clients and practitioners can use to fill their personal water bottles, reducing the need for plastic water containers and the use of disposable cups.

Mindstate Psychology encourages all staff (where possible whilst maintaining our standards of privacy) to recycle any printed materials and packaging. When secure destruction of documents is required, Mindstate Psychology utilises partners with similar standards for recycling and regard for protecting the environment.

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Increasing Energy Efficiency
We’re focused on using less energy across our practice. One important first step in minimising electricity use is by selecting computer, network, and other IT equipment with greater energy efficiency. We take this further in our new offices, where light and air conditioner controls are on a per-room basis. This allows our staff to cool or light rooms as needed, reducing unnecessary electricity consumption. We also regularly examine our electricity usage to find ways to minimise energy consumption further.

Using Clean Energy
To make sure the energy we do use is clean, Mindstate Psychology is working to install solar panels across our administration and office areas to provide renewable energy for our operations and staff.

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Going Forward

While we believe we have made critical first steps, we recognise that there is much more we can – and need – to do. This page will be updated as we continue to implement policies and further our goal of protecting this precious planet.

You can also stay up to date with our progress on our social media - including on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.