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Threat Assessment.

Process for a threat assessment

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Initial Analysis

To begin, you just need to let us know you're interested in a threat assessment! Our reception team will get some basic details so that we can understand the situation, plan the investigation and provide an accurate quote!

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Once we understand the situation, our team conducts an investigation to obtain and analyse any information relating to risks. This may involve obtaining additional information about the current threat, or examining past research.

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Preparing a Report

On conclusion of the investigation, we prepare a report. This includes our investigation, the plausibility of the threat and any actionable steps that we anticipate may help mitigate the potential threat.

What information is required?

In order to best identify, assess and manage a potential threat, we require information about the threat. This may take the form of communications, social media postings, online reviews, or behavioural observations. In some cases, we will have very little available information, in other cases there will be a wealth of available data. Threat assessors are adept at locating additional information. Where only limited data are available, threat assessors will use their in-depth knowledge of the research literature and previous cases to inform a judgment of the level of threat and the most effective management strategies.

What is the cost?

Generally, an investigation and report will take around 10 hours to complete, with fees at $350+GST per hour.
Total costs very depending on the specific circumstances and complexity of the investigation. A quote can be provided upon application.

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