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Defining ADHD: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that presents in childhood and often continues into adulthood. Not all people with ADHD have the same symptoms and there are three major subtypes:

  • Inattentive Presentation, which includes difficulty concentrating, inattentiveness and difficulty focusing.
  • Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation, which can include excessive fidgeting, inability to sit still and poor impulse control.
  • Combined Presentation, when individuals have a mix of inattentive and hyperactive symptoms.

ADHD symptoms typically peak in childhood and ease as individuals age. However, some adults may continue to struggle with certain symptoms. For example, hyperactivity is more common in young people, but with age, many individuals find hyperactivity decreases and is replaced by restlessness. Some people see a resurgence of symptoms as adults during times of stress or change, for example, during the menopause or when overwhelmed at work.
It isn’t uncommon for people to experience symptoms of ADHD throughout their lives, such as difficulty concentrating or impulsiveness. However, not everyone who experiences these symptoms has ADHD. If you are experiencing ADHD-type symptoms that are causing ongoing problems in your life, this may indicate an ADHD assessment is necessary.

Recognising the Signs: When to Seek Help for ADHD Symptoms

Some of the common ADHD symptoms are listed below. These may help you identify when to consider seeking an ADHD assessment with an ADHD psychologist in Perth.

  • Being distracted easily or having a short attention span
  • Restlessness and frequent fidgeting
  • Finding it difficult to listen, understand and follow instructions
  • Mood swings and becoming irritated easily
  • Being careless and unable to show attention to detail
  • Being unable to stick to tasks that are difficult or repetitive
  • Frequently forgetting or losing things
  • Talking excessively or out of turn
  • Reckless behaviour, not considering the safety of themselves or others
  • Being constantly overwhelmed and unable to live in the moment

It is important to remember there is considerable overlap between the symptoms for ADHD and many other psychological or physiological conditions. For example, difficulty concentrating may be due to other life stresses, mental health conditions, or simply sleep issues. Hyperactivity is also difficult to identify, especially in children who usually have a lot of energy.

We always recommend seeing a doctor or experienced ADHD psychologist if the symptoms are persistent over a long period of time, or they have a significant impact in your daily life. If you or your child exhibits these symptoms frequently and you have concerns, our ADHD psychologist in Perth can conduct an assessment and deliver a diagnosis if applicable.

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The Diagnostic Process

It’s important to remember that being diagnosed with ADHD is not something to fear. While the condition can be difficult to manage, especially for parents, a lot of help is available. We’ll discuss treatment methods later, but an accurate diagnosis is crucial to getting the right type of support.

An ADHD assessment involves a number of components. When you visit an ADHD psychologist in Perth, you can expect an interview with the assessing psychologist, questionnaires, and cognitive assessments. ADHD psychologists in Perth principally rely on the clinical observation of behaviour as there is no specific medical test for ADHD. For children, an ADHD assessment will also include discussion with primary caregivers and may include input from other professionals, such as teachers. 

There is a specific criteria for an ADHD diagnosis, with the key points highlighted below:

  • Children must have at least 6 symptoms.
  • People over 17 must have at least 5 symptoms.
  • The behaviours must present before age 12 and continue for over 6 months.
  • Symptoms must cause genuine problems in two areas of life, such as home, school, work or social environments.
  • ADHD symptoms must not occur only during times of mental distress, such as experiencing another mental health condition.

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We all experience periods of stress, anxiety, grief, conflict, and other forms of emotional distress during our lives. Most of the time, we're able to bounce back. Sometimes, we might need a little extra help to do so. Our team of highly experienced psychologists are ready to help you get back to your best self.

Treatment Approaches for ADHD

ADHD is an individual condition, no two people experience it in the same way. This means treatment approaches need to be tailored for each person. Our experienced ADHD psychologists in Perth are able to offer a unique, person-centred approach for our clients.

Most commonly, ADHD is managed with stimulant medication by a psychiatrist. While medication can be highly effective for many clients, it poses significant limitations and issues that must be considered. Ideally, a combined treatment approach with the support of an experienced ADHD psychologist is the best option. Treatments options for ADHD include:

  • Stimulant or non-stimulant medications
  • Neurofeedback
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Behavioural Therapy 
  • Coaching
  • Parent training

Introduction to ADHD Treatments

Choosing the Right ADHD Psychologist

When you need psychological treatment for any condition, finding a practitioner that is experienced in managing your condition is essential. Psychologists often focus on treatmenting specific conditions, and you deserve someone who has expertise in your particular concerns.

It is also important to find a psychologist that you can feel comfortable with. We aim to create a warm, welcoming environment. Of course, we recognise that not everyone is a good fit together, and we are committed to helping you find a psychologist who matches your needs and personality.

Our ADHD psychologists in Perth are dedicated to supporting individuals who are struggling with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With senior psychologists who have lived experiences of ADHD, we are able to offer a unique, integrated model of support and treatment. This includes ADHD assessment, behavioural therapy to develop strategies for living with ADHD, psychological therapy, and neurofeedback. We may also recommend a client to seek medication from a psychiatrist.

Our psychologists strive to equip individuals and their families with tools and coping mechanisms to improve attention, regulate impulsivity, and enhance executive functioning skills. Through our integrated model of support we are proud to help clients with ADHD lead more focused and fulfilling lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a specialised type of medical doctor. A psychiatrist is an expert in mental health and can prescribe medication when required to treat a mental health condition, like ADHD.

A psychologist cannot prescribe medications as they are not medical doctors. However, psychologists are still university-trained mental health professionals, and many psychiatrists refer clients to psychologists for psychological therapy to complement medication treatment for ADHD. Mindstate Psychology works collaboratively with many psychiatrists across Perth.

How do I know if I need to see an ADHD psychologist?

A range of symptoms may warrant an assessment with an ADHD psychologist. The two main symptom categories are inattentiveness and hyperactivity. Both groups have a number of symptoms to look out for, such as difficulty concentrating, problems organising and completing tasks, feeling restless and impulsive behaviours.

If your symptoms are impacting your daily life, we would strongly suggest booking an appointment with one of our experienced ADHD psychologists, or discussing your concerns with a doctor.

Can adults also benefit from seeing an ADHD psychologist?

Adults can certainly benefit from ADHD treatment. While ADHD can only be diagnosed if symptoms are present before the age of 12, many adults are being diagnosed later in life. Some people have experienced ADHD symptoms for years without a formal diagnosis, and treatment options are available for people of all ages.

How long does a typical treatment process with an ADHD psychologist take?

ADHD is a very individual condition and everybody exhibits a different set and severity of symptoms. Some people may see improvement quickly by pursuing a multi-faceted approach of medication and psychology, but it ultimately depends on the patient’s unique presentation and how they respond to treatment(s).

Are Medicare rebates available for adult ADHD assessments?

Currently, ADHD assessments are not covered by Medicare. You can, however, speak to your GP about a Mental Health Care Plan that provides up to 10 treatment sessions for conditions including ADHD.

Are Medicare rebates available for ADHD treatment?

Most common treatments for ADHD are recognised by medicare, and available for Medicare rebate. To receive Medicare rebates you must have a referral from a psychiatrist or paediatrician, or a Mental Healthcare Plan from a GP. More information about fees and rebates for psychological therapy.

Please note that Neurofeedback is not yet recognised by Medicare, and as such there are no rebates available. More information about fees for neurofeedback.

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