What is Forensic Psychology.

What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology is the application of psychology to the legal and criminal justice systems. Forensic Psychologists use specialist knowledge and skills to conduct independent assessments for Court. This may include psychological evaluations of individuals to determine relevant psychological factors. Forensic psychology also involves providing expert testimony in court. This includes on issues such as mental health, competency to stand trial or the impact of childhood trauma on behaviour.

Mindstate Psychology is one of the leading forensic psychology practices in Perth, and has extensive experience across a broad number of legal domains. With decades of experience preparing thousands of reports for the Court, you can be assured that Mindstate Psychology have the expertise to help you.

Family Court and Family Law

The Family Court requires assessments as Single Expert Witness, or assessment of children and adults for particular related issues. Dr Phil Watts - who leads the team - is one of the most experienced Court Experts in Western Australia, having been appointed in over 1,200 matters over the last 30 years. Mindstate Psychology has a team of practitioners who can provide court related assessment under the guidance of Dr Phil Watts.

Care and Protection

Cases involving removal of children from parents due to maltreatment may require an assessment through Department of Communities or the Perth Children’s Court.  Mindstate Psychology has extensive experience in the provision of assessment of care & protection-related reports.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal injury compensation is a scheme that provides financial assistance to victims of crime who have suffered physical or psychological injuries. If you suffer psychological trauma or harm as a result of a crime, it may be compensable. To be eligible for compensation, however, you must demonstrate that have suffered a physical or psychological injury.

Mindstate Psychology has decades of experience in criminal injuries compensation cases, conducting an assessment and preparing reports for the court. These simple assessments are easily organised and we have immediate availability.

Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Various forms of civil litigation require assessment of personal injuries.  Mindstate Psychology is willing to provide reports for Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and other forms of civil litigation including negligence claims.

Capability Assessment (Capable Person Assessment)

The capacity to instruct a solicitor, to write a Will, manage affairs, give consent, and other aspects of legal requirement are specialist areas in assessment for which Mindstate Psychology frequently produce reports.

Pre-sentence Reports

When somebody is convicted of a crime, a Pre-Sentence Report may assist the Judge in considering mitigation, risk and impact of imprisonment.  The team at Mindstate Psychology is experienced and competent in conducting assessment of offences across a range of domains, including sex offending, drug-addiction, violence and white-collar crime.

Treatment Reports for Court Purposes

There are occasions where a person seeks a course of treatment and, at the end of that treatment, needs to provide a report for outcome to a Court.  Therapists at Mindstate Psychology are willing to do reportable treatment and therapy.  However, it is important that this is made clear at the commencement of the therapeutic intervention.

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