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COVID and Sickness.

Managing appointments while sick

To protect the health of our staff, practitioners and other clients, we require that you DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE WHILE SICK. If you are sick - please stay at home until you are better. Any appointment can be rescheduled with more than 24 hours notice. If it is less than 24 hours until your appointment, cancellation fees will be waved on receipt of a certificate from your pharmacy or doctor.

If you are sick but you still feel like you can participate in your therapy session, you can request a telehealth (telecounselling) appointment.

Telehealth Appointments

The Mindstate Psychology team can conduct telehealth for therapy appointments. They function similarly to a Zoom or Facetime call between you and your therapist. They are still covered by Medicare and are protected by industry-leading encryption and security protocols.

They are a great option if you are feeling sick but still want to have your regular session or if you can't attend a regular appointment for other reasons (e.g. in isolation as a Covid close contact). Please visit our telehealth page to learn more, or contact reception to make a telehealth appointment.

Regular Appointments

Regular appointments are always available, although we request that if you are feeling sick in any way, you do not attend our practice. This is to protect our staff and other clients. Cancellation fees will be waved by a note from a pharmacy or doctor. Regular therapy appointments can be changed to telehealth as necessary.

Please note that Mindstate Psychology reserves the right to refuse service and require you to leave our premises if we have reasonable grounds to believe you may be sick or otherwise present a health risk to our staff, practitioners or other clients.

Coronavirus and Mindstate Psychology

Since the government has ended the state of emergency, there are no covid requirements. However, we recognise that some patients have complicated health requirements or may otherwise prefer their practitioner wear a mask. If this applies to you, please let reception know before your appointment.

If you are unwell with Covid, cancellation fees will be waved by a note from a pharmacy or doctor. You can also request to attend a telehealth appointment if you are not well enough to come in but would still like your consultation.

​As these requirements can change, we recommend you stay updated with the latest requirements from the Department of Health and the West Australian Government. Ultimately, you are required to follow any mandates as they apply to you whilst attending our practice.

For further information regarding our position toward COVID, please contact us.

Additional resources

Mindstate Psychology understands that the current world events can have an impact on your mental health, and the following resources may help you understand and maintain positive mental health whilst isolating:

You can also visit our bookshop to discover our collection of free and paid resources (including apps, books and more).