What are Clinical Assessments?

Clinical assessments use a combination of techniques, specially designed tools, and clinical knowledge. These are used to evaluate a person's mental health or cognitive functioning. The results are used to determine a possible diagnosis. These assessments can include interviews, psychological testing, observation, and review of medical and psychological records. The specific assessment tools used will depend on the individual's presenting concerns and the psychologist's professional judgment. Mindstate Psychology conducts:

These assessments aim to gather information that will help the psychologist understand an individual's unique strengths and difficulties.  The data obtained can assist with treatment recommendations, provide insights, and ultimately help individuals live a more empowered life.

Why get a Clinical Assessment?

There are many reasons why someone might seek a clinical assessment. Some common reasons include:

  • Suspected mental health concerns: A person may have symptoms of a mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD, and want to confirm a diagnosis and receive treatment recommendations.
  • Difficulty functioning in daily life: A person may be struggling with daily activities, such as work or school, and want to understand what is causing these difficulties and how to address them.
  • Changes in behaviour or mood: A person may have noticed changes in their mood or behaviour, such as increased irritability or difficulty sleeping, and want to understand what is causing these changes and how to address them.
  • Need for assistance or accommodations: A person may have a disability, such as dyslexia, a learning disorder or ADHD, and want to be assessed to receive accommodations, such as extra time on tests or alternative methods of instruction.
  • Legal requirements: A person may be required by a court or other legal authority to undergo a psychological assessment – Mindstate Psychology classes these assessments as Forensic Assessments, which you can find out about here.

A clinical assessment from a psychologist can help individuals gain insight into their mental functioning or mental health and develop a plan for addressing any concerns. It can also provide a diagnosis which can be helpful for treatment planning and for understanding the symptoms.

Why use Mindstate Psychology for Clinical Assessments?

Mindstate Psychology has an extensive testing library and decades of expertise in interpreting test results. As a major clinical assessment practice in Perth, Mindstate Psychology is optimally positioned to help you get the most comprehensive assessment. Our team also runs regular workshops on psychometric assessment for other psychologists, so you can rest assured that we are using the latest, evidence-informed clinical assessment practices.  

What Clinical Assessments does Mindstate Psychology currently offer?

Mindstate Psychology currently offers testing packages for:

Mindstate Psychology can also provide testing for other conditions and reasons. Contact us to discuss your needs.