Educational Assessments Perth.

What are educational assessments?

Educational assessments are used to determine a child's academic and learning ability. A comprehensive educational assessment consists of both cognitive and achievement testing. Depending on the need, sometimes only the achievement tests are required. Achievement tests assess an individual’s competency in:

  1. Reading: reading fluency, comprehension, accuracy
  2. Writing: spelling, handwriting, composition
  3. Maths: maths knowledge and reasoning
  4. Oral expression: listening comprehension, expressive language

Why get an educational assessment?

Educational assessments include an overall cognitive processing ability (IQ) and a thorough evaluation of academic strengths and weaknesses across reading, writing, math and oral expression. In some cases, additional psychometric testing may be needed to fully understand current barriers to academic development and success.

Educational assessments can accurately identify any underlying problems your child or teen may be experiencing with learning and may include suggestions for future diagnosis of specific learning disorders. All tests include recommendations for either extending or supporting the needs of your child.

Why use Mindstate Psychology for your educational assessment?

Our psychologists are experienced in the identification and diagnosis of specific learning disorders. They are highly trained in current diagnostic techniques and evidence-informed assessment procedures.

For any psychological assessment to be useful, it must have good psychometric properties and be interpreted by someone who can recommend future management. Mindstate Psychology has access to an extensive library of evidence-informed tests to assess various domains. All our assessments also come with written reports and feedback sessions. Our experienced psychologists can also recommend practical strategies and treatments and liaise with other specialists as required.

What is the Process for an Educational Assessment?

We begin with an initial pre-assessment consultation to ensure our educational assessments are unique to you and your child's situation. This 50-minute appointment allows the assessing psychologist to gather information about the client’s developmental history and current symptoms and discuss the assessment process with you. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions. At the conclusion of the pre-assessment consultation, our psychologist will advise you on the most appropriate assessment pathway and how much this may cost.

Generally, the next step is a cognitive assessment. This in-person appointment takes approximately 2 hours (this may need to be done over two sessions for young children) and involves practical and computer-based testing. Depending on the purpose of the assessment, clients may also be asked to complete a range of self-report questionnaires.

The final assessment is an achievement (academic) test. These are similar to cognitive assessments and take approximately 3 hours (this may need to be done over multiple sessions for young children). Achievement tests assess several domains, including comprehensive listening, speaking, reading, writing, and math skills.

This information is then collated and interpreted to provide a report of the client’s overall intellectual functioning and an analysis of their areas of academic strength and weakness and how this likely impacts their functioning. Depending on the initial assessment results, there may be recommendations for further assessments or referral to another specialist/s.


The final cost for a full educational assessment depends on the complexity of the case, the purpose of the report and the assessing practitioner. Because educational assessments have such a wide range of applications, we encourage you to contact us so an accurate quote can be provided.

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