Fees for Neurofeedback.

Fees for Neurofeedback

While our fees may appear more expensive than other practices, we believe that it is important to maintain high standards of practice, including having qualified technicians individually supervise every session. We also believe that it is important to do a thorough evaluation prior to commencing treatment, and as such we are one of the only practices in Australia to offer ERPs.

Initial Fees for Neurofeedback

Initial QEEG/ERP assessment
$1099.00 AUD ​(includes EEG, QEEG, ERP, report and feedback session - What is a QEEG or ERP).
This is a one-off assessment - we do not require ongoing QEEG/ERPs.

Ongoing Fees

Standard neurofeedback session

$110.00 AUD

Review consultation (if required)

$350.00 AUD
Available for existing clients who require a progress review outside of a standard neurofeedback session.
This consultation is eligible for Medicare Rebates if a valid referral is obtained from a GP first.

Medicare, NDIS and Health Insurance Rebates for Neurofeedback

While neurofeedback treatment sessions aren’t covered under Medicare, you may be eligible for a rebate under your private health insurance or NDIS. You will need to confirm this with your provider and make sure it is approved.

HBF has approved a partial rebate for the initial QEEG/ERP assessment only, although this is dependent on your plan. For more information on rebates and pricing, please contact reception.

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