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Do you and your co-parent struggle to communicate effectively about your children's well-being? Perhaps you're separated and need help developing a parenting plan, or maybe you have an existing court order causing friction. Parenting coordination can provide the support you need to navigate these challenges. At Mindstate Psychology, our experienced team of psychologists often acts as Parenting Coordinators, bringing stability and understanding to difficult situations and parental conflict.

What is a parenting coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is a specially trained professional who helps separated parents with high conflict find common ground and make decisions about their children. From where your child will attend school to concerns regarding medical treatment and social activities, there are many decisions parents must make regarding their child's upbringing. Unlike therapists who delve into past issues, parenting coordinators focus on the present and future, acting as neutral facilitators to improve communication and co-parenting skills. Parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process that aims to assist parents in making co-parenting decisions.

While parenting coordinators in Perth come from a range of professions and qualifications, our team is comprised of experienced psychologists who have a strong understanding of relationship dynamics and other psychological factors that can influence relationships. This significant edge allows our team to resolve disputes effectively and proactively. Primarily, parenting coordinators assist in building effective systems that both benefit the children and adhere to court orders.

Benefits of Using a Parenting Coordinator

Parenting coordination offers a range of benefits for separated families, including:

  • Improved Communication: Parenting coordination equips parents with effective communication techniques, fostering a more respectful and productive dialogue and improving communication between parents.
  • Reduced Conflict: Parenting coordination can help minimise conflict and create a calmer environment for children by facilitating constructive conversations and employing effective dispute resolution techniques.
  • More Effective Co-Parenting: Through clear communication and shared decision-making, parents can develop a more effective co-parenting approach, ensuring children receive consistent care from both parents.
  • Better Adherence to Court Orders: By clarifying Court Orders and developing strategies for smooth implementation, parent coordinators reduce the likelihood of future disputes and foster effective ongoing parenting arrangements.
  • Less Stress for Children: When parents can communicate and co-parent effectively, children experience less stress and anxiety, leading to a more positive and stable home environment.

Parenting Coordination Process

Our Perth Parenting Coordinators

At Mindstate Psychology, our experienced Perth-based parenting coordinators are dedicated to helping separated families achieve positive co-parenting relationships. We can assist you with:

  • Developing Communication and Decision-Making Skills: We'll equip you with the tools to communicate effectively, negotiate solutions, and make collaborative decisions regarding your children's needs.
  • Crafting a Parenting Plan: Our parenting coordinators will guide you through creating a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses key issues like scheduling, communication methods, and decision-making procedures. Ultimately, these parenting parenting plans aim to reduce parenting disputes and empower joint decisions.
  • Implementing Court Orders: If you have an existing court order, we can help you understand its implications and develop practical strategies for successful implementation, minimising confusion and potential conflict between parents.
  • Navigating Difficult Emotions: Separation can be a highly emotional time, especially if a matter has gone before the Family Court. Our parenting coordinators will provide a safe space to express your emotions constructively, ensuring they don't cloud communication or decision-making.

Our psychologists often act as Single Expert Witnesses in Family Court matters, giving them a thorough understanding of Court orders and legal processes. While they cannot give legal advice, this experience is still invaluable for the coordinator to develop a successful parenting plan.

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Our parenting coordinators are committed to helping you prioritise the well-being of your children. Contact our Perth-based team today to learn more about how our services can help your family navigate this difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Parenting Coordinators require professional registration?

A Parenting Coordinator should be a qualified professional (such as a lawyer or psychologist) who has undertaken specific training in Parenting Coordination. While practitioners do not require specific registration, it is still important to choose a practitioner who is properly qualified and experienced.

All parenting coordinators at Mindstate Psychology have undertaken specialised training and maintain membership with Parenting Coordination Australia and Pacifica Congress.

Can I use a lawyer or psychologist who has worked with my family previously?

No. Parenting coordinators are independent professionals who help separated families implement successful parenting plans. Lawyers, single expert witnesses, family therapists, or other professionals who have previously worked with you or your family cannot act as your parenting coordinator. Doing so would jeopardise the parenting coordinator process.

When should we use a Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting Coordination is a child-centred process designed for high-conflict separated parents to minimise everyday conflict, protect children and build effective systems to adhere to Court Orders. Because parent coordinators primarily focus on implementing Court Orders, parents should wait until after the orders have been made.

How do I find the right Parenting Coordinator in Perth?

When choosing the right Parenting Coordinator to assist you, there are several things to consider. You should ensure that your practitioner has sufficient experience and training, such as undertaking training with Parenting Coordination Australia. Parenting Coordinators also must be independent - they cannot be previously involved in your matter.

At Mindstate Psychology, our parent coordinators are highly experienced, with conflict resolution skills and extensive knowledge of Family Court processes. Our psychologists also have membership with Parenting Coordination Australia and Pacifica Congress, making us a go-to choice for separated families in Perth.

How is Parenting Coordination different from Mediation, Family Therapy and Family Dispute Resolution?

Parent coordination is a child-focused process, primarily focusing on implementing Court Orders to provide a successful and stable environment for the children. They do not change existing orders or decide on matters of fact. While there is a focus on dispute resolution, this is primarily focused on implementing a successful parenting agreement. They do not consider other matters, such as property division, that mediation or other dispute resolution matters consider.

Unlike a therapist, they do not develop therapeutic relationships with individual parties. Instead, parent coordinators provide recommendations to the parties, facilitating successful co-parenting plans that support the best interests of the children.

Do Parent Coordinators have to be Family Lawyers?

No. Parent coordination is a dispute resolution process to help separated families implement successful parenting plans. While it is helpful for practitioners to understand the Family Court process, they do not need to be legal professionals. At Mindstate Psychology, our practitioners have a strong working knowledge of the Family Court and legal proceedings.

What is the Goal of Parenting Coordination?

Parent coordination uses a combination of individual and joint sessions between high-conflict parents and an experienced practitioner to implement successful co-parenting plans and reduce ongoing conflict.

The ultimate focus is implementing Court Orders to provide a successful and stable environment for the children. Parenting coordinators can help:

  • implement a successful parenting plan
  • resolve urgent child issues that arise out of an Order or Parenting Plan
  • reduce conflict
  • refocus parents on their children’s needs
  • improve your problem-solving skills as a co-parent
  • better communicate with your ex
  • avoid the legal system and future litigation.

How much does Parenting Coordination Cost?

The cost of parenting coordination can vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the parenting coordinator and the case's complexity. The cost will be higher than our standard therapy rates due to the additional work and experience required.

We will always provide a quote before accepting your matter so that you understand the cost.