What is a Parenting Capacity Assessment

When the Department of Communities has significant concern about the capacity of a parent to meet a child's needs, they may request a Parenting Capacity Assessment. In these cases, a Forensic Psychologist examines whether the parent(s) have the capacity to adequately parent the children, protect them from harm and meet their emotional and physical needs.

If the parents disagree with the Department's decision, they may take the matter to Court. A forensic psychologist may be engaged by the Court to provide expert evidence on the parent's capacity.

Mindstate Psychology's team comprises some of the leading forensic psychologists in WA, who have extensive experience in preparing reports for both the Department of Communities and the Children's Court in parenting capacity matters.

How do Psychologists assess Parent Capacity

Parenting capacity is defined as the ability of parents or caregivers to ensure that the child’s developmental needs are being appropriately and adequately responded to, and to be able to adapt to their child's changing needs over time. This includes providing for the child’s basic physical needs, ensuring their safety, promoting the child’s intellectual development through encouragement and stimulation, demonstrating and modelling appropriate behaviour and control of emotions, and providing a sufficiently stable family environment.

If the reason for an evaluation of parenting capacity includes substantiated physical/sexual abuse, emotional/psychological abuse and/or neglect, then a necessary component of theparenting assessment is a structured actuarial and dynamic risk assessment.

Request a Parent Capacity Assessment for the Department of Communities or the Children's Court

Prior to undertaking Parent Capacity Assessments for either the Department of Communities or the Children's Court, Mindstate Psychology requires the Parent Capacity Assessment Request Form to be completed. This form helps us to determine whether the issues are within our expertise, to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, and provide a quote for completing the assessment and report.

Completed forms can be submitted to info@mindstatepsychology.com.au. A quote will be provided on the return of a completed form. Note: All questions on the form must be answered.