Conducting Practical Psychological Assessments and Assessing Lies and Malingering in Practice

Dr Phil Watts
Conducting Practical Psychological Assessments and Assessing Lies and Malingering in Practice
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Thursday, July 25, 2024
7:30 am
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About this workshop

The South Australia Branch Committee is proud to invite members to the upcoming workshop presented by Dr Phil Watts. This is a two-day workshop with the following topics covered:

Day 1: Conducting Practical Psychological Assessments
One of the most fundamental core competencies of practising psychologists is the ability to assess the psychological functioning of clients.  Assessment, in the broadest sense, means formulating what is going on.   Whether for clinical treatment, forensic evaluation, or case management, assessment in one form or another underpins all that a psychologist does. This workshop is a practical “nuts and bolts” approach to assessment but emphasising understanding what the information tells us about a client functioning.  Universities train psychologists in the theory of intellectual and personality testing so this workshop focuses on the practical aspects of assessment. The “how to” aspects of assessment are taught by Dr Phil who has 35 years’ of experience working with clients and has conducted over 4000 formal assessments in areas such as Family Court, criminal court, welfare, and mental health assessments. The teaching emphasis is on using real case materials and practical exercises to develop skills.

Day 2: Assessing Lies and Malingering in Clinical Practice
Want to know an awful truth that no one told you during your training?  Clients sometimes lie! You may not believe it, but it’s true.  This is important in the therapy relationship and especially when you end up going to court about a client.  The profession of law requires that psychologists demonstrate consideration that their clients may have been unreliable reporters.  However, the therapeutic relationship is not necessarily a good forum to determine the reliability of their client’s evidence.  There is a professional expectation, and necessity, to have skills in considering the reliability and validity of information provided by clients.

This workshop is designed to consider formal (psychometric testing), and informal (clinical) ways of assessing lies and deceit.  The workshop begins with an overview of what is known about lying, discusses testing of deceit and malingering, and looks at practical applications of this material.

Meet the presenters

Dr Phil Watts

Dr Phil Watts

Dr Phil Watts has been a clinical and forensic psychologist for over 30 years. He has published 6 books including Surviving the Witness Box, How to Find Love and Not a Psycho, and Shared Care or Divided Lives. He is a dynamic presenter with a focus on practical experience. He his engaging content and insightful practical experience he can keep a whole day workshop refreshing and interesting!

Dr Phil Watts

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