Welcoming Neil Taylor to Mindstate Psychology

Welcoming Neil Taylor to Mindstate Psychology

We are pleased to welcome Neil Taylor to the Mindstate Psychology team.

Neil has a range of clinical experience, from foetal alcohol syndrome, substance misuse, suicide, depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, dementia, chronic pain, eating disorders, bipolar, OCD, grief, addictions, and other mental health issues. These issues may be temporary, episodic, or permanent, internal, or external. Often these are not single issues. Neil works with people accross the lifespan, from the very young to the very elderly.

Neil has a special interest in helping veterans.

Neil believes the fundamental aspect with client work is understanding what the client wants and needs. There is no one intervention that works for all disorders and clients, instead, interventions must be adapted to the client’s needs. Clients are the experts on themselves, they have lived their lives and what has happened to them.

Like physical health mental health is a continuum, sometimes we are well and sometimes not. The question is what can bed one to maintain good mental health and how to manage/ get through when mental health is poor.

Neil's provides therapy for adults (18+) at Mindstate Psychology. Discover his profile or view all our team.

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