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IP: DIY: Internet Pornography Do-it-yourself Treatment Guide for Men

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IP: DIY: Internet Pornography Do-it-yourself Treatment Guide for Men
By Dr Phil Watts

IP: DIY is a self-treatment guide for men who have internet pornography problems. This book is designed for men with adult or child pornography addiction. Learn about the nature and extent of internet-based problems, examine the legal, moral and social consequences of your excessive use, understand of the impact on your partner and work through 60 exercises to reprogram your brain and change your behaviour. The book covers issues for both those who are religious and non-religious. Therapists will find the book handy as a resource for therapy.

"IP:DIY is an exceptional self-help guide. Dr Phil Watts has produced a practical, easy to use, and positive text for dealing with internet pornography. His compassion in dealing with these issues shines through. This book encourages readers to take on the issues with purpose and courage. It is 'a path with heart'."

Dr Simon G. Kennedy, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist (PhD, MAPS)

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